Yosemite’s Natural Firefall – Horsetail Fall

Horsetail Fall Photo by Nancy Robbins

The Firefall is coming up soon. Are you coming to see it?

Although the firefall from Glacier Point, is now just a memory, Yosemite-lovers and photographers from all over the world gather in mid to late February for a show that is, in some ways, even more spectacular because it is all natural. When the angle of the sun is just right, and there is enough water in Horsetail Fall, and the day is clear, the waterfall turns molten in the light of the setting sun against the already shaded shoulder of El Capitan. But the perfect conditions are elusive. Will it all come together this year? And when is the prime viewing time?

Local photographer, Michael Frye, is heading up a conversation with others to calculate the dates when we’ll be most likely to see the firefall, and speculating about when it will be the most spectacular. So far, it sounds like your best bet to see the waterfall light up is between February 16 – 23, but the verdict isn’t fully in yet. Be sure to join in if you have been here to photograph the firefall, and if you haven’t been here yet, this is a great source for detailed information about the event.

You can also benefit from Michael’s expertise at one of the photography workshops in Yosemite, offered through The Ansel Adams Gallery. Michael, along with many other talented photographers in that program, offer many opportunities to hone your photography skills and experience Yosemite with a real Yosemite insider.