Your Yosemite Stories: More Housekeeping Camp Memories by The Craig Family

Housekeeping Camp inspires great loyalty from park visitors. We asked for your Housekeeping Camp memories in the Yosemite in Focus newsletter and the stories keep rolling in! The following was submitted by The Craig Family, demonstrating an example of the multi-generational family memories that are created in Yosemite National Park.

Yosemite Memories by The Craig Family

“Our memories began in the early 1960s when our parents, Mr. and Mrs. Club, along with friends and family began camping in the Housekeeping Campgrounds every Memorial Day weekend.   Reservations were made for at least 40 families.  This annual sojourn became a necessary part of our lives and absolutely something to look forward to.  All of the fun and amazing experiences we encountered became essential to our lives. We were able to enjoy the majesty of Yosemite for over 25 years.

Back in those days our children were allowed to roam safely on the grounds of the park and explore all of the wonders to behold.  We would hear their joy when they returned from the Indian Caves, the waterfalls, the hiking trails, and admiring the beautiful scenery.  It was so refreshing to be able to wake up to the beautiful sound of water running nearby, and the wondrous fresh air accented by the delicious smell of breakfast being cooked.  At night we were able to see the Firefall which was a beauty to behold. We would go horseback riding and bicycle all over the park.  Our campfire circle as we sung a long list of songs was oh-so-fun on evenings as we celebrated several birthdays with a delicious cake.   One year we experienced every bit of Mother Nature when it rained, snowed, hailed, thundered with lightning, and more surprisingly – the mountains rumbled with earthquakes.

The Craig Family at Housekeeping Camp
This wonderful trip especially became a favorite part of our children’s existence. Now that they are grown with their own families, we returned to our favorite of all time places in 2011 on Memorial Day Weekend. Unfortunately, the weather was not ideal, but the children powered through it and made the best of it.  We will try again so they will know the true splendor of this wondrous park as we did.”

The Craig Family celebrates a birthday at Housekeeping Camp

The Craig Family celebrating birthdays at Housekeeping Camp

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