What to See & Do in Yosemite: Advice from 10-Year-Old Clara

Many of the employees working for one of the organizations that provide services for Yosemite also live in the park. Each summer, the ranks swell considerably, but there are many families who reside in the park year-round. You may wonder what it is like to live in Yosemite, and for many adults, the experience is dictated by a career choice. But what does that mean for family members? We asked 10-year-old Clara – who lives and attends school in Yosemite Valley – about her experience as a Yosemite resident and what kind of advice she would give to park visitors:

2014 Apr Clara Devlin interview photo

“My favorite things to do in Yosemite are explore the park and enjoy seeing Half Dome while I ice skate outdoors. If you are thinking of visiting the park for the first time, a beautiful and easy trail to hike is the Lower Yosemite Fall trail. It’s amazing to say I live in Yosemite National Park. The experience to see Yosemite Falls form our parking lot is cool, and the fact that every week I get to go to school in Yosemite is even better. My very first day of school here a bear hung out in the yard and took a sun bath. One place I like to hike is Hetch Hetchy. It has amazing views and trails – we even stayed overnight. A good souvenir to get when you are here is a recyclable water bottle. You can use it and take it home and show your friends. I put Yosemite stickers that I like on my water bottle. I am a Type I diabetic, anytime I go somewhere I always take my meter, especially when hiking. I always have a Clif Bar or granola bar in my backpack, a water bottle or my Camelbak while hiking. Wear layers of clothing and make sure I have sunscreen. The Giant Sequoias are the biggest trees in Yosemite. They can only grow because of fire. When cones fall from the trees that are closed, so either wildfire or controlled fire burns it. The cone’s scales open to release the seeds. You can tell how old the tree is if you count the rings of xylomes and phlomes or how thick the tree is.”


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