Favorite Yosemite Spots: Vogelsang


Photo by Christy Dudley


Photo by Christy Dudley

As part of an ongoing series, we’ll feature the favorite places of Yosemite community members and park visitors. The area near the Vogelsang High Sierra Camp in Yosemite’s backcountry is a favorite spot of Christy Dudley, who lives and works in Yosemite Valley. “The High Sierra Camps are known for their beautiful locations, and Vogelsang is no exception. The hike in from Tuolumne Meadows is not easy as the slog uphill seems to go on forever, but as you approach the camp, Vogelsang Peak slowly comes into the horizon. Before you know it, you are walking in to the camp surrounded by towering granite peaks on either side and sweeping views down the valley. As you continue on toward Vogelsang Pass, the trail takes you right by Vogelsang Lake. While it is difficult to move on from this beautiful spot, you are rewarded with another great view from the top of the pass of Gallison Lake. I found this vantage point particularly special, as it is not every day you get to see the beginnings of the mighty Merced River.”


Photo by Christy Dudley

At 10,130 feet of elevation, the Vogelsang High Sierra Camp is the highest of Yosemite’s five backcountry camps. Vogelsang camp, lake, peak and pass were all named for a California Fish and Game commissioner sometime around the turn of the twentieth century, but the name itself may be singularly appropriate. In old German, Vogelsang means “a meadow in which birds sing”. Vogelsang High Sierra Camp is located at the base of Fletcher Peak, known for its vivid display of alpenglow, and provides a comfortable base to explore the surrounding beauty of the high Sierra.


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