Curry Village Gift and Grocery Store Re-Model

Curry Village Gift Remodel

Curry Village Gift Remodel

Just in time for spring camping season, the Curry Village Gift and Grocery store in Yosemite National Park has been remodeled with updated offerings in grocery, basic camping supplies and park souvenirs. On March 22 after a month-long closure, the store re-opened with a brand new look enhanced by improved lighting and a reconfigured sales floor with more space to shop. The focus of the remodel emphasized environmentally-friendly measures including the re-purposing of display fixtures, energy-efficient lighting and eco-friendly flooring. Updates include LED lighting that is compliant with California building and energy codes for increased sustainability, as well as stained concrete flooring that eliminates the need for carpet.

Campers and hikers will find an expanded grocery section featuring more fruits and vegetables along with snack foods, beer, wine, and camping needs such as bagged ice, charcoal and firewood. Park visitors will find Half Dome “I Made It To The Top” souvenirs have been updated with a vintage-style look and spring souvenir t-shirts featuring Yosemite’s bears. Located next to The Mountain Shop in Curry Village, the gift and grocery store will continue to feature updated offerings throughout the summer season. Reservations for Curry Village are still available for the summer. To learn more information about Curry Village or make a reservation, visit  Yosemite Accommodations.

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