Merced River Plan – Camping and Lodging

Where do you prefer to stay when you visit Yosemite? The Merced River Plan that is underway in Yosemite calls for some changes in the lodging and camping options.

Housekeeping Camp

Housekeeping Camp

In Alternative 5, the Park Service’s preferred alternative, proposes the following changes:

  • Increase the number of campsites by 28% across all river segments and 37% in the Valley. That means an additional 160 campsites.
  • Merced Lake High Sierra Camp decreases from 22 units (60 beds) to 11 units (42 beds).
  • Remove 34 units from Housekeeping Camp that are in the ordinary high-water mark.
  • Some tent cabins in Curry Village would be replaced with hard-sided cabins and the total number of overnight units will be reduced by 50 at Curry Village. There are 400 units at Curry Village mentioned in the Merced River Plan, but this does not account for the 103 units that were approved exclusively for NatureBridge and subsequently made available for public use.

The Ahwahnee, Yosemite Lodge at the Falls and Wawona Hotel would remain the same under the preferred alternative, although some of the other alternatives propose changes at Yosemite Lodge ranging from increasing units there to eliminating them entirely.

You can see the breakdown of which campsites and properties would be affected at:

Submit a comment to the National Park Service. The comment period is open until April 18, 2013. Your comments matter. Public input has strongly helped to shape the draft plan, and it’s important for everyone to continue to provide feedback for the next phase as planners develop a final plan. Learn more about the Merced River Plan.


13 comments on “Merced River Plan – Camping and Lodging

  1. I think that increasing the numer of campsites is a great idea. I have visited Yosemite every year for 34 years and it has become increasingly harder to get a site. Actually this year is the first year that we weren’t able to get one at all. I also do not think it is a good idea to decrease or eliminate the capacity of any of the hotel lodging.


  2. We love to stay in housekeeping and it is likely one of the units planning on being moved. We have been flooded while staying in one of the units by the bridge, but would still go back there. There are the best of shelter and camping. We love that you can have your own fire pits and still have a more secure shelter. Don’t take away our housekeeping units by the water!!


  3. If my math is right and I understood the plan there would be a net increase of only 65 places to stay. All of which would be tent camping sites. I understand the logic of closing the site in housekeeping camp since those are in a flood plain and are therefore likely to always need repairs above normal sites. But the Curry village cabins I think should stay open. Also I think cabins are less impacting to the environment then tent sites in the long term. It is almost impossible to get a site in the valley if you don’t plan two years in advance and are not lucky enough to get through on the phone the day the dates open. It is almost like trying to get ticket to any big name rock concert. That is why I’m for any reasonable increase in site.


  4. The Yosemite does not need additional campsites. The valley is crowded as it is. Please do not remove the riverside housekeeping campsites. Camping by the river is one the greatest experiences I have ever had. Please do not remove the pools from the valley. Improve the facilities that you have….don’t add or delete. Yosemite is a gem the way it is.


  5. We love Yosemite,been visiting there for the past 19 yrs and staying in the housekeeping tents and totally love it.Please donot take the housekeeping away.
    Let it remain the same.


  6. For the past twenty years, my family has been camping at Housekeeping Camp. This campground is unique due to breathtaking views, camp sites that are user friendly for all ages, the grocery store, and electricity at each camp site. Having access to a hot shower after hiking all day is heavenly. But the memories of having all of your family, your children, grandchildren, in-laws, Aunts, Uncles and cousins totaling over seven families vacation every year at Housekeeping Camp River Units is priceless. Yosemite does not need to delete any units at Housekeeping Camp or add any additional camping spots as the park is crowded enough as it is! I love Yosemite! Leave the park the way it is…. Perfect!


  7. Please do not remove the river housekeeping units. These units have provided a unique camping experience for our family and now our grandchildren . These units bridge the gap between tent camping and the hotels. Since physical disabilities and limitations would not allow me to sleep in an actual tent, I am still able to enjoy camping along the river because of the housekeeping units. The park is crowded enough. Please do not increase the number of tent spaces. The housekeeping units are ideal for our large family gatherings. Please do not take away my opportunity to enjoy a camping experience.


  8. My family and I along with 2 other families with kids all have made an annual tradition out of visiting and staying at the housekeeping river front tent cabins. We would allbe very disappointed to see them decrease the number as it would make reservations more difficult especially getting a river front unit. These river front campsites are magically beautiful to us as they echo with the sounds of beauty, growing kids, fun times and campfires. Our kids are all water babies and we live the convenience and freedom to have quick access to the river. The mornings were also serene, stepping outside our tent,, sitting in my chair and watching the beauty of a deer couple cross the river while the sun was rising. I can’t express enough the sacredness this place holds in our hearts and the excitement we contain looking forward to further visits. Please don’t take any sites away. Please!:) thank you!


  9. I have not gone here yet and I want to visit this place. It seems so cool to be here and the river is much even cooler looking. I’m sure the renovation for this place is intended for good intentions too which could be of great use for the campers.


  10. Nice post! I think the campsites they added is a good idea. From this photo you shared, i think it was really beautiful here when you wake up in the morning. Camping in this site is a unforgettable experience!


  11. Yosemite is a nice campsite. I think they do not need to add campsites on the valley, because the place is so crowded. Having a camp on the river is a good experience. I hope they will enhance this place when the time goes by.


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