New Tour Buses in Yosemite

This morning, six beautiful new clean-diesel buses pulled into Yosemite for their first tour of their new home. The new buses are a nice improvement over their predecessors, with greater fuel economy and 90% lower emissions. They come equipped with several convenient ADA features. Not only do they ‘kneel’ to make it easier for people to step inside, but they also have lifts to make it easy for wheelchair users to enjoy the tours. Plus, all riders will appreciate the outlets located next to each seat so that you can conveniently charge your camera or cell phone on your trip.

The convoy of buses drew attention all along their trip to Yosemite due to the beautiful imagery decorating both sides of the buses, and drivers reported that several people stopped to take pictures.

Keep your eyes open for these buses on the longer Yosemite tours such as the Grand Tour, Glacier Point Tour, or the Tuolumne Hiker’s Bus. Next year, three more of these new buses will complete the transition to the new fleet.


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