White Cucumber Gazpacho with Heirloom Tomatoes

Enjoy a delicious Gazpacho from award-winning Chef Percy Whatley and bring a taste of The Ahwahnee Dining Room home with you.

White Cucumber Gazpacho with Heirloom Tomatoes

White Cucumber Gazpacho with Heirloom Tomatoes

T&D Willey Farms Products

Bell Peppers

Yield: 1 qt, serves 4-6
Sliced sourdough, crust removed, torn 1 slice
Whole Milk ½ cup
Yellow onion, diced 2 oz
Shallots, minced ½ oz
Garlic, minced 1 clove
Mediterranean Cucumbers, chopped 1 lb
Lemon Juice 1 Tblsp
Green Bell Peppers, roasted, peeles 1 each
Basil leaves, fresh, chopped 1 tsp
Parslty, fresh, chopped ½ tsp
Cilantro, fresh, chopped ½ tsp
Sliced almonds, toasted ¾ oz
White wine Worcestershire sauce ½ tsp
Sherry Vinegar ½ tsp
Kosher Salt 2 tsp
Ground black pepper pinch
Smoked Paprika, sweet/dulce ½ tsp
Celery Salt ¼ tsp
Cumin, ground ¼ tsp
Olive Oil, extra virgin 3 Tblsp
Water 1/3 cup

1. Soak torn bread in milk until soft.
2. Sweat onions, garlic and shallot in olive oil until translucent over medium heat.
3. Toast almonds in oven until golden brown.
4. Toast cumin, celery salt, black pepper and paprika in a dry pan until smoke develops, remove from heat immediately.
5. Combine all ingredients together and blend until smooth, strain through a sieve.
6. Chill and serve with garnish below.
Heirloom or very ripe tomatoes, peeled, seeded and diced 5 oz
Parsley, fresh, finely minced ¼ Tblsp
Sour Cream or Crème Fraiche 2 Tblsp
Olive Oil, extra virgin, for drizzling as needed
Sea Salt, such as Fleur de Sel as needed
Sourdough croutons as needed
1. Combine tomatoes and parsley.
2. Press into a ramekin or similar mold. Unmold in the middle of the bowl.
3. Pour soup around the molded tomatoes.
4. Spoon a little sour cream or crème fraiche on the tomatoes.
5. Sprinkle with salt, add croutons and drizzle a little olive oil. Serve.

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