2012 Parsons Memorial Lodge Summer Series Starts this Weekend

Stroll through a beautiful alpine meadow in Tuolumne to a National Historic Landmark building – a one-story stone building built in 1915 – for the Parsons Memorial Lodge Summer Series.

Each summer the Parsons Memorial Lodge hosts fascinating speakers in one of the most beautiful natural settings in Tuolumne. Topics range from climbing, and natural history to music and poetry, including a popular Poetry Festival. This year’s summer series begins this weekend, July 14, with a slide presentation by Daniel Arnold called “Early Days in the Range of Light: Encounters with Legendary Mountaineers” at 7:30pm, but typically meets at 2:00pm and lasts 1-2 hours. All programs are free. Allow about 30 minutes walking time from either the Lembert Dome parking or the Tuolumne Meadows Visitor Center.

See the full schedule below:
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That baby animal is fine, thanks.

Young animals like birds or fawns may seem to be alone, but are still being cared for by their parents. Help them by leaving them alone.

‘Tis the season for cute baby animals to start appearing in Yosemite. Baby birds are fledging, hoping and fluttering along the ground not yet able to fly. Spotted fawns are starting to make their appearance on wobbly legs, and lie concealed so they are not spotted by predators. These newborns bring out a sense of protectiveness in many who want to help by taking these animals in, but the best way to help is to leave them alone.

Although you may not see an adult nearby, the parents of these young animals know where they are and return regularly to check on, feed and care for them. Please help protect these animals by leaving them where they are, giving them plenty of space, and making sure that pets, including dogs and cats, are under control and/or on leash at all times.

Read the National Park Service announcement for more information.
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