Insider Look at Yosemite with a “Lodging and Learning” Package

If you know what to look for, a couple of boulders on a conspicuous little hill can tell you the stories of glaciers, and the creation of Yosemite Valley. If you know what to listen for, a bird’s song can alert you to what is going on in the forest around you, and tune you in to the tempo of the seasons. If you’re looking for an experience that gives you the opportunity to learn about Yosemite from an insider’s perspective, sign up for a Lodging and Learning Package.

Yosemite Conservancy naturalist

Discover Yosemite birds with Yosemite Conservancy naturalists

This new package, introduced by DNC and Yosemite Conservancy in February, allows visitors to experience a day and a half with a Yosemite Conservancy naturalist, and includes accommodations for two nights at The Ahwahnee, Yosemite Lodge or Curry Village and a group picnic lunch. Ramble through scenic Yosemite Valley locations and learn how this spectacular valley was formed, about the people that have lived here in the past like Native Americans or the environmentalist, John Muir. Get to know the trees, plants and animals of the park, and why fire is good. Your guide in these explorations is a Yosemite Conservancy naturalist like Pete Devine with years of experience in the area.

Although the program is new for Yosemite, we’re already starting to hear rave reviews. Our recent guest, Heidi G. had wonderful things to say about the program she experienced in February.

“My expectations were more than satisfied. Pete was so knowledge[able] and friendly that you felt like a close friend after a few minutes. If I were to picture the perfect instructor Pete Devine would be my image. Pete was enthusiastic and so good about answering all our questions. The visual aids really added to his funny, exciting commentary. He brought Yosemite’s history to life. Pete also allowed us to simply follow his easy pace and quietly absorb the majesty of the Park without worrying about where we were going…..sheep following our shepherd, grazing on the beauty!” “One of the BEST experiences in all of my years of travel!”

“Lodging and Learning” is a three-day, two-night package available March 18, April 8, 15 and 29 and May 13 so far. Because the program has been so well-received, we’re looking forward to announcing even more dates soon. Visit the Lodging and Learning page on our website for more details and to sign up.


One comment on “Insider Look at Yosemite with a “Lodging and Learning” Package

  1. This is a good site! Lodging and learning is a great program. I hope this was gonna be an exciting and fun program that they have ever made. I am expecting so much positive happen to this program!


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